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5 Simple Hacks that increase visitors up to 50% A day

Content is King 

When you write topic in your website for example dell laptops in 700 words your focused keyword used 15 time in your article and another website which write on a same topic in in 1600 words and focused keyword 36 time google algorithm automatically prefer second website because the of keyword volume used by second website. Google always prefer website with precise data and volume of Keyword.
                                                                                                                                   Google always prefer website with precise data and volume of Keyword, amazing content gets new people into your website and if you are content engaged more people with low Bounce rate google upgrade your listing in search engine google is very strict about content so make sure you write a unique article it increase the number of visitors in your website.

Page Optimization

Page Optimization or on page Optimization is Optimize your website according to search engine guidelines. According to Google algorithm on page Optimization increase your visibility up to 40% .On page Optimization is a vast topic right now i explain you few important points.

1.Keyword analysis

Make sure you research your keyword properly to increase volume of traffic in your website you can also check your competitor website and its focus keyword fore ranking. It also provide new keyword ideas and traffic volume.

2. Image Optimization

Use alt tag in all images in your website and make sure all of your images compress it decrease size and load fast. Alt tag also help's in image search so it attract's more visitor in website.

3.Tag Optimization

Search engine always focused on website which use tag smartly it's algorithm is focused on meta tag bold tag heading text make sure you implement all your important keywords windows tags.

Page Size 

Page size is very important to increase visitor's according to Google 70% of searches is done by smartphone so it's important to reduce size of a website and fully optimize for smartphones. According to search engine ideal website has page size of of less than 1 MB or near to this. To reduce your face size you have to compress all images java Script and css to reduce the page size and also make sure website is responsive.


Make sure your website using https protocol instead of http and make your user-friendly, if visitor come to your website and see your website is not secured automatically trigger users your website is not reliable and looks for other result also, search engine always give preference to https protocol. 
         For user friendly URL you can see the example it fulfills the search engine requirement and also tell clearly what page it is. Always use user-friendly in your website it can increase your search engine visibility.

Conversion forms

If you set a main goal of your website sign up subscribe aur sales conversion form should easily visible to your visitors it fulfills the purpose of your website so make sure it can be reached easily by your visitor, you can also use popup or small animations to focus on convergence and make sure conversion form is short end user friendly it can increase your conversion rates. Set a pixel in your conversion form so you can easily track how many visitors come to your website and how many convert pop ups and small animations are really helpful to attract more and more visitor to convert into leads.

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